Rummage/Garage Sale Finds  

Posted by Johnny

These are some of the great finds I found yesterday at the Wee Creations Rummage sale. It was at the Lutheran Church. I love to find old books, especially if they are historical. My daughter went with me and she wanted the Anatomy books, she is interested in the medical field. The Anatomy books are Atlas Of Human Anatomy by Jesse Feiring Williams, M.D.copyright 1935, this books has some great color photos, the other Anatomy books is A Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology by Jesse Feiring, M.D copyright 1943. This last one had some binding issues, but I am not planning on reselling it so I really didn’t mind.

The other great finds were, Lincoln’s Speeches, copyright ? some pages are missing from this book because the binding is loose. (I bought this book for my niece, she also loves old books.) The book with the great cover is The Heritage of America edited by Henry Steele Commager and Allen Nevins, copyright 1947, any history book wrote before the sixty’s I think is a great find. Of course there is great history that takes place after this book, however this book does not have the liberal swing that you will find in a lot of the history books put out today. Also, pictured Where It Happened in Bible Times by Merrill T Gilbertson copyright 1963. Okay so this one is not super old, I just bought it because I am a visual learner and love to actually see on a map where things took place. This is a great book and really will help me with my Bible studies.
I did get some other interesting school books, I am not sure if I will use them or resell them. I sell a lot of used books on E-bay. I have not sold a lot lately due to the fact they have changed their fees again and sometimes it is not worth it for me. I have found another site to sell used Curriculum on, but have not tried yet. If I do I will let you know how it goes. You can also sell used curriculum on HSLDA's website if your a member.
What do you look for at rummage sales?

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I missed you today at the rummage sale/craft show. Did you go see Bill Clinton? That's what I should have done.

I went yesterday. I thought you might be there yesterday?
Me see Bill Clinton...Never...not even out of curiuosity.
So you didn't do well at your table?

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