CVS Week 5/11  

Posted by Johnny

I have not wrote any scenarios or deals this week because I am not impressed with them at all. I did go and get some Intuition refills and four bags of Bliss chocolate. I had a $4 MQ for the Intuition and 2 B1G1 MQ's for the Bliss, which qualified me for the $10 Hershey's deal. Other than that it has not been too busy at CVS this week for me.
As a side note to the slow week I went in to our local CVS and found out that we now have a scanner!!! That was a great positive. I scanned my card and received $10/$50. I was not super excited about it, because I get them a lot from the register, but it was fun to use the scanner for the first time. I so badly wanted to scan my card again to see if it would give me something different, but the manager stood there and stared at me. I figured I would go in some night during the week when a different manager was on duty (a more friendly one) ands scan my card a few times and see what I get.

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I went to the CVS in Auburn last night and what a difference. They were not out of anything, the store was more organized and the cashier was super friendly! I ended up using a 10/50 and 2 $2 off zyrtec that printed out earlier this week when I went in. I was wondering could I have used another $2 zyrtec manufacturer's coupon with the CVS catalina coupon? Just thought about that right now.

Yes, there is a big difference in the stores. I found that out when I did the merchandising assignments. These managers get the ads so far in advance, they just need to order the products that will be in the ad. I think that some of the managers just think they are losing money so they don't stock them.
Yes, you could have used the $2 MQ. Oh well, live and learn. You know for the next time. Did you receive an ECB for the Zyrtec?

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