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Just wanted to share with everyone how great I did for the month of April. I always had a goal of spending $200 every two weeks on groceries. Before I started using coupons again I would go in and spend $125 on groceries and then go back to the store 3-4 times again before the next paycheck. So I really never kept a real good check on how much I spent. Sometimes I would just not even go to the store afraid I would spend $30 on milk. Well, I decided to see how much I was spending with coupons. It felt like I was shopping more so I wanted to make sure I wasn't spending too much.
After totaling all my receipts for the month of April I had only spent $385.01. That might seem high to some of you, but for me that was great! At least for a start. I did spend money on some things just to get the ECB's rolling and I did make some mistakes and spent money when I shouldn't have. I would like to get this even lower, but to be under budget I feel I have made a great start. April is my month two of full fledged couponing!

Tell me how your doing, I would love to hear!

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Good job on lowering your budget!

It does sometimes feel like you're always at the store when you start couponing/deal hunting. It's a good idea to save those receipts each month and sit down to see what you spent and how much you saved.

Keep saving!

I did VERY well for the month of april. I spent under $400 and since my goal is $100 a week I beat that goal. May, so far has not fared so well. I wrote about the "death of my budget" here http://startingtosave.blogspot.com/2008/05/death-of-my-budget.html

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