Softball Game 4/26  

Posted by Johnny

We had our 3rd game today. Our first two games were just udder misery. These girls have practiced for a long time, but just did't look it. So going into today we had already lost two games.
If you don't know much about Babe Ruth Fast pitch Softball, we play with ten players in the field and usually have one or two substitutes to enter in and out. Today we had both of our normal catchers missing so that brought us down to the ten, but no catcher to catch the first pitcher, which is my daughter Morgan. Morgan can always catch after she pitches, but not before, otherwise she will be too tired to pitch. Then we had one girl that did not show up at all. So we were down to nine players! Wow, that made things interesting to say the least. Well, we did not win, but we were actually tied in the fifth inning 5 to 5! Then in the sixth we let them get three more runs, by throwing around the ball. It was a bummer, but our girls finally pulled together and started playing like a team. I was elated to say the least. The team we played was supposedly the team to beat, so if we gave them a run for their money then we may have a chance when the whole team shows up!

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