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I appreciate all comments made to my blog. I have some questions concerning scenarios using coupons. I will do my best as I am new also and use other sites to inspire my own deals. Always be prepared to replace a deal with a back up deal just in case they are not in stock of a particular item. I have had this happen numerous times and just come up with a scenario on the fly. Just always have a number of items you are willing to buy and this makes it easier. Also, remember if it is a weekly deal get a rain check.

#1 (3) Zone Bars 1.19 each use 2 IP Q's $1/1 and 1 BOGO = 1.38
(1) Softsoap Spa Radiance 4.99 use $1/1 or $1.5/1 = 3.99 or 3.49 (depending on Q used)
(1) 24/7 Deodorant 3.99 use $1/1 or .75/1 = 2.99 or 3.24
(2) Herbal Essence Products use $3/2 = 1.49
This total with the lower value coupons would bring you to $10.10 if you have the higher value coupons I would definitely throw in a Essence of Beauty gift bag or facial buff which are 1.49. At this price you can pay with a $10 ECB and get back $10.98 in ECB's. So with this one transaction you can increase by 10%.

If they are out of the Deodorant place a CVS pain reliever (which is a monthly deal)in place there and drop off the Herbal Essences. The Herbal Essences items will amke a great filler at any point.

#2 (2) Softsoap Spa Radiance 4.99 use same coupons as above if you have them = 9.98
(2) EOB Gift bag or Facial Buff 1.49 each = 2.98
(2) Vinegar 1.99 each (monthly deal) = 3.98
(1) CVS brand Pain reliever 3.99
This will bring you with no coupons used to a toal of 20.93

Use $4/20 bringing total to 16.93
Pay with Previous ECB's plus $5 ECB that should then bring your total to .95.

Now you have $20.98 in ECB's and used 15.98! So as you can see that $4/20 added to your ECB's so always try to use them.

I get a lot of $10/50. I can't use them all the time but try when I can make my purchase all ECB items. Than is when you really bank.
I also buy four newspapers to get more coupons. To me it's worth it. I always make my money back.

I hope this helps get your crative juices flowing!

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I seen your Mom and son CVS-ing today. They were out of the $4.99 softsoap.

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