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I thought I would share with you about my favorite to rent movies. Well, many of you know that I don't watch very many movies. That is for a few reasons. First, there is just not much out there to watch that is good for the whole family. Secondly, we don't usually have time to get a movie and watch it. Then there is the cost, the money to rent it, then we usually forget to return it.

Well, we discovered a new way to rent movies. REDBOX, Redbox is located just inside Scott's grocery store and it only cost $1 to rent a movie. You have until 9pm the next day to return it. If you are like us and keep it an extra day, then it is only another $1. Redbox has all the new releases just like Blockbuster or Family Video. The great news is if you've never tried it you can try it for free. Just use the code "DVDONME" the first time you use it and it will give you one free movie rental. Try it I am sure you will discover you'll like it.

As I get more codes I will share them here with you, so check back.

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