Higher Rice Prices  

Posted by Johnny

Okay so I am sitting here listening to the news checking my e-mail and I hear the craziest thing. The price of Rice has more than doubled in the past three weeks. Say what? I have not noticed the price due to the fact I just bought rice about 3 weeks ago. Has anyone else noticed a surge in the price of Rice?
I guess they are limiting the amount you can buy at some places? This sounds so fishy. What's behind the increase in the rice prices? Is it the free rice we are giving away with the FREE Rice web-site? LOL? If someone has an unbiased answer I would welcome your comments.

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I bought the Meijer Organic rice a few weeks for about $1.88 a bag (2lb.). I just went today and I think the same rice was about $3.44. I didn't need any but I just looked out of curiosity.

Thanks, I was very curious and have not had a chance to check into this myself. Since the post I have heard a lot about it.

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