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Posted by Johnny

Today I went to CVS and had great luck. They finally got some more Spa Radiance in. I was so excited I bought the remaining ones I needed to complete my five for the month. Just in time before this month ends.
I got all of this for $1.20 OOP! Plus I added $15 ECB's bringing my total to $44.96. I am very excited because I have not had this many ECB's since I started two months ago. At one time I had $40, and then was completely out and had to start rebuilding. I have learned my lesson and wait for the really good deals, and realize I don't have to get it just because it is on sale. If I wait long enough it will probably come back with an ECB attached to the deal. I try now to only buy things that are Free or almost Free after coupons.
Here is what I did to get this for $1.20-
2 Maybelline Lipsticks Sale 2/9.99 (only one pictured)
3 Zone Bars 1.19 each (not pictured here)
1 Alavert 6.99
3 Softsoft Spa 4.99 each
1 24/7 Speedstick 3.99
1 Skin Effects Foaming Wash 6.99
2 Herbal Essence Shapoo 4.29 B1G1 Free
-$4 Alavert
-$2 CVS Alavert
-$2 CVS Skin Effects
-$1 off 3 Zone Bars
-$1.19 B1G1 free Zone Bar
-$1 24/7 Deodorant
-$3 off 2 Herbal Essence
(3) -$1.50 Spa Radiance
-$2 Maybelline Lip Product
-$10/$50 CVS
Used $19.99 ECB
Remaining 1.20 OOP (out of Pocket)
Plus I received $35.96 in ECB's so I definitely came out ahead!
The Alavert is a hidden deal so you will get $4 in ECB's when you do this.

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How do I get the BOGO Zone Coupon?

I actually got it form thier web-site
Try coping and pasting this link. I signed my husband up and got the $1 off coupon and when I signed up I got the BOGO.

Sorry, I see that this link will not copy and paste correctly. I will leave the link in the post!
Let m eknow if you were able to get it.


The link works though I haven't tried registering yet.

Could you help me come up with scenarios? I am a newbie.


Well, first print off your coupon/s and tonight I will come up with some scenarios for you and I will post these tommorrow.

Can you tell me how many ECB's if any you are starting with? Also, what other deals are you interested in?


I have only been going to CVS 3 weeks now. I have 14.99, 10 and 5 ECBs and 4/20, 3/10 (from the kiosk) and 2/10 (from the pharmacy) CVS Coupons.

I already bought 2 Softsoap Body Washes, did the Pepcid and Covergirl once (I'm already out of coupons for this).

I am interested with the Herbal Essences shampoo, Mennen Speedstick, and get my last 3 Softsoap Body Washes. I have read a blog somewhere that often, we have to buy some things we do not need in order to generate ECBs and buy the things we need and even make our ECBs grow.

I do want to try and make the ECBs grow while spending less OOP.

Thank you so much for your help.

Looks as if you've made a great start. I came up with some ideas and you can tweak it depending on your coupons and your store. I can have my list all made out and tehn change it depending on what my store has in stock.
I have also made some big boo boo's! Like forgetting to use a coupon for an item! It's all a new learning curving and getting in the groove.

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