Paperback Swap  

Posted by Johnny

Have you heard of Paperback Swap? If someone in your household loves to read, and you don't have a lot of money to spend on books this is a great way to get those books.
I use use Sonlight curriculum for my daughter. For those of you not familiar with Sonlight, it has a lot of reading involved. To save money I bought the Teachers manual used, and have been buying used or book swapping for the other books she needs. It does take more time, but the money saved is tremendous.
With paperback swap they will start off with 3 credits when you list 9 books. I easily had 9. Then after that you get a credit for every book you mail out. So, the more books listed the better your chances to get to mail out books. You use your credits to get books you want. They also give you an option to buy credits. I have done this once or twice, when I really needed some books for school.
With this being FREE (with the exception of mailing out books)it makes it a great resource for books. Oh and by the way all the books listed are not paperback.

Softball Game 4/29  

Posted by Johnny

I hate to say this, but this was a terrible game. I felt absolutely heart sick after this game. I really wish I knew what was going through the girls minds. They would just watch the ball hit the ground and then just look at it like they didn't know what to do with it? I would really like to know what happened in between Saturday and tonight. Granted we didn't win Saturday, but at least on Saturday they looked as if they knew how to play. Our pitchers did an awesome job! Our fielding stunk! We actually even hit the ball, we just never it hit it past the pitcher! We definitely need to improve on hitting straight out and not down! Game ended 14-0 OUCH!
We can use a lot of prayers for our team! I really don't mind losing as long as we play well!

Meijer Week 4/27  

Posted by Johnny

I just discovered some great deals at Meijer this week. I am very excited! Well, since I don't buy the local paper I don't get the Meijer ad. I was over at my Mom's and noticed her ad lying on her table and I started looking at it. Well, at first glance I was not impressed. I said, "Oh, just Meijer brands this week". Then I remembered about Mealbox. If you haven't yet visited this site go to previous post on this to read more.
So I go into my Mom's computer and start looking and they have a lot of coupons that match up with the ad. So I will post the match-ups for you. I will not be able to go in until Friday so if you do it before Friday post feedback, I am curious to how good everyone does.
By the way these are all Meijer brand.

1/2 Gallon Ice Cream 4/$10 = 2.50ea. Q for $1 off one 1/2 gal = 1.50
Reg & Kettle Cooked Chips 3/$5 = 1.67ea Q for $1/1 = .67
Graham Crackers 3/$5 = 1.67ea Q for $1/1 = .67
Baking Chips 2/$3 = 1.50 Q for $1/1 = .50
Dry Pasta = 3/$2 = .67 Q for .50/1 = .17 (WOW)
Frozen Potatoes = 5/$10 = $2 Q for $1/1 = $1
Frozen Fruit = 3/$8 = $2.67 Q for $1/1 = $1.67
Blended Vegetables = $1 Q for .50/1 = .50
Spaghetti Sauce = $1 Q for .50/1 = .50
(not sure on prices on these yet)
33% off Olive Oil Q for .50/1

I hope this helps you plan your shopping for the week. I know that they have some other good deals this week, but I was just focusing on the ones that go with the mealbox coupons.

Still Time to Sign Up  

Posted by Johnny

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Have you signed up with Revolution Money Exchange yet? If not why not? It takes tops ten minutes and you get $25! This offer only last until May 15th so just take a few minutes and sign up. Also refer a friend and receive $10.
RME is just like Paypal and if your familiar with Paypal then you know they charge fees for sellers. With RME they do not charge you fees, and the more people that use it the easier it is to use.

Just for Men Rebate Offer  

Posted by Johnny

So yesterday at CVS did not go as planned (Not that I was surprised). I realised after I was there that the Touch of Gray was not the same as the coupon. I was disappointed to say the least. Well, I don't really need the stuff I just wanted to make more money in ECB's. I know some of you might still do it with your coupons and it may work. It all depends on the store. I know that it still would be free, but I wanted the overage!
Well, I have some good news! There is a Rebate for the Touch of Gray which definitely makes this deal worth getting to me now! That to me is better than more ECB's. So off to CVS I go!
Thanks to MamaSvs @ HCW for this link!

My Scenario for CVS  

Posted by Johnny

I am planning on going in two times this week since teh May book doesn't start until Thursday May 1st. So my first trip will not be that spectacular, I am hoping they will have the items I want.

2-Lint Rollers 2/$5 - (2)$1 coupons here
4-Post it Flags 2/$4 - (2) $3/2 Post-It products here
1-Command Adhesive Hook - (1) $1/1 any Command Product here
1- Just for Men Haircolor - (1)$2/1 Register Here
My total before Coupons and taxes should look like this $23.49
After Coupons it should be $12.49
I will use $12.00 in ECB's and get back $12.99! Yeah! Can we say Free!

Edited: I wanted to edit this post to let everyone know that I went to CVS tonight and realized that the Just for Men coupon will not work on this deal. I am leaving the link, because it may work at some other store. I don't shop Rite Aid, but I know they have a deal on the Just for Men so it may work there.


Posted by Johnny

For those of you who don't know I do merchandising jobs here and there when they are offered at a reasonable rate.
Yesterday and today I actually did a very easy Nivea promotion in the CVS stores. As you walk in the CVS store you will notice the security pedestals. Those pedestals have plexi glass on them and under the plexi is where I placed the ads. On these pedestals there are also coupons for $1 off NIvea. These coupons are CVS coupons so you can use them along with your Nivea Manufacture coupons to get more savings.
From what I understand they will placing other ads through out the year so keep your eyes open for more coupons.

Softball Game 4/26  

Posted by Johnny

We had our 3rd game today. Our first two games were just udder misery. These girls have practiced for a long time, but just did't look it. So going into today we had already lost two games.
If you don't know much about Babe Ruth Fast pitch Softball, we play with ten players in the field and usually have one or two substitutes to enter in and out. Today we had both of our normal catchers missing so that brought us down to the ten, but no catcher to catch the first pitcher, which is my daughter Morgan. Morgan can always catch after she pitches, but not before, otherwise she will be too tired to pitch. Then we had one girl that did not show up at all. So we were down to nine players! Wow, that made things interesting to say the least. Well, we did not win, but we were actually tied in the fifth inning 5 to 5! Then in the sixth we let them get three more runs, by throwing around the ball. It was a bummer, but our girls finally pulled together and started playing like a team. I was elated to say the least. The team we played was supposedly the team to beat, so if we gave them a run for their money then we may have a chance when the whole team shows up!

Coupon Previews  

Posted by Johnny

As I stated in the scenario post yesterday I buy more than one paper. If you want to see what coupons are in each Sunday paper you can go to Taylor Town and they list all the coupons that will be in the paper for the coming week. This week looks really good to me so I will be buying five papers. I see some coupons in there that I will be able to trade with others and coupons that will make the items close to Free.
For Instance this week at Kroger the Cottonelle 4-pack is $1. The coupon in this weeks paper is .25, our Kroger triples up to .50 so the T.P. will be .25. Now that will save me $3.75 if I do this five times. With just this one deal I will make half of my money back (depending on the cost of paper you buy). Also, you will need to do seperate transactions because at our Kroger they will only double two like coupons.
If you don't want to buy all those papers then you can buy individual coupons on this site also. You will see a price next to each coupon listed that they are willing to sell. I find it better for myself just to buy the papers because I can trade them with other people.

Free Sample of Hamburger Helper Singles  

Posted by Johnny

Well, we don't usually buy these, because they are loaded with sodium and other chemicals, but occasionally I buy them if I can get them for nearly free. It makes a great quick lunch, or "snack" for my son, when we are busy. The kids think it is a big deal that they get to eat something different.
Well, if you have never tried them you can get a free sample by clicking here. Enjoy!

Higher Rice Prices  

Posted by Johnny

Okay so I am sitting here listening to the news checking my e-mail and I hear the craziest thing. The price of Rice has more than doubled in the past three weeks. Say what? I have not noticed the price due to the fact I just bought rice about 3 weeks ago. Has anyone else noticed a surge in the price of Rice?
I guess they are limiting the amount you can buy at some places? This sounds so fishy. What's behind the increase in the rice prices? Is it the free rice we are giving away with the FREE Rice web-site? LOL? If someone has an unbiased answer I would welcome your comments.

Scenarios CVS 4/20  

Posted by Johnny

I appreciate all comments made to my blog. I have some questions concerning scenarios using coupons. I will do my best as I am new also and use other sites to inspire my own deals. Always be prepared to replace a deal with a back up deal just in case they are not in stock of a particular item. I have had this happen numerous times and just come up with a scenario on the fly. Just always have a number of items you are willing to buy and this makes it easier. Also, remember if it is a weekly deal get a rain check.

#1 (3) Zone Bars 1.19 each use 2 IP Q's $1/1 and 1 BOGO = 1.38
(1) Softsoap Spa Radiance 4.99 use $1/1 or $1.5/1 = 3.99 or 3.49 (depending on Q used)
(1) 24/7 Deodorant 3.99 use $1/1 or .75/1 = 2.99 or 3.24
(2) Herbal Essence Products use $3/2 = 1.49
This total with the lower value coupons would bring you to $10.10 if you have the higher value coupons I would definitely throw in a Essence of Beauty gift bag or facial buff which are 1.49. At this price you can pay with a $10 ECB and get back $10.98 in ECB's. So with this one transaction you can increase by 10%.

If they are out of the Deodorant place a CVS pain reliever (which is a monthly deal)in place there and drop off the Herbal Essences. The Herbal Essences items will amke a great filler at any point.

#2 (2) Softsoap Spa Radiance 4.99 use same coupons as above if you have them = 9.98
(2) EOB Gift bag or Facial Buff 1.49 each = 2.98
(2) Vinegar 1.99 each (monthly deal) = 3.98
(1) CVS brand Pain reliever 3.99
This will bring you with no coupons used to a toal of 20.93

Use $4/20 bringing total to 16.93
Pay with Previous ECB's plus $5 ECB that should then bring your total to .95.

Now you have $20.98 in ECB's and used 15.98! So as you can see that $4/20 added to your ECB's so always try to use them.

I get a lot of $10/50. I can't use them all the time but try when I can make my purchase all ECB items. Than is when you really bank.
I also buy four newspapers to get more coupons. To me it's worth it. I always make my money back.

I hope this helps get your crative juices flowing!

Stamp Out Hunger  

Posted by Johnny

May 10th is Stamp Out Hunger day. If you have never participated in this you should think again about doing it. It is very easy to do, just put some non-perishable food in your mailbox on May 10th an your letter carrier will pick it up. Then they deliver it to local food banks.
This is great time to go through your cupboards and give away what your not using. If your like me sometimes you buy something to try it and then find you don't use it. Also, you can find really inexpensive items to donate. If you are a frugal shopper like me you probably can pick up a few items for free before May 10th.

Free Pentel Pastels  

Posted by Johnny

Thanks to Crystal over at Money Saving Mom for this great freebie. Make sure you use the promo code to get yours. You will receive (1) 12-Color Oil Pastel Set. I would encourage you to hurry because I have found that deals like these do not last long.
The promo code is SA2008.

CVS 4/21  

Posted by Johnny

Today I went to CVS and had great luck. They finally got some more Spa Radiance in. I was so excited I bought the remaining ones I needed to complete my five for the month. Just in time before this month ends.
I got all of this for $1.20 OOP! Plus I added $15 ECB's bringing my total to $44.96. I am very excited because I have not had this many ECB's since I started two months ago. At one time I had $40, and then was completely out and had to start rebuilding. I have learned my lesson and wait for the really good deals, and realize I don't have to get it just because it is on sale. If I wait long enough it will probably come back with an ECB attached to the deal. I try now to only buy things that are Free or almost Free after coupons.
Here is what I did to get this for $1.20-
2 Maybelline Lipsticks Sale 2/9.99 (only one pictured)
3 Zone Bars 1.19 each (not pictured here)
1 Alavert 6.99
3 Softsoft Spa 4.99 each
1 24/7 Speedstick 3.99
1 Skin Effects Foaming Wash 6.99
2 Herbal Essence Shapoo 4.29 B1G1 Free
-$4 Alavert
-$2 CVS Alavert
-$2 CVS Skin Effects
-$1 off 3 Zone Bars
-$1.19 B1G1 free Zone Bar
-$1 24/7 Deodorant
-$3 off 2 Herbal Essence
(3) -$1.50 Spa Radiance
-$2 Maybelline Lip Product
-$10/$50 CVS
Used $19.99 ECB
Remaining 1.20 OOP (out of Pocket)
Plus I received $35.96 in ECB's so I definitely came out ahead!
The Alavert is a hidden deal so you will get $4 in ECB's when you do this.


Posted by Johnny

We went to see the movie/documentary Expelled Sunday afternoon. I really liked it and thought it was a great way to spend my money. I was actually surprised that there was only about 30 people in the movie. I really think more Christians should be supporting this movie and take some time to go and see it. We usually don't even go to the movies, due to the cost. It cost all four of us $26 which in my opinion is ridiculous. However, we need to support the movies that come out and stand up against the liberal agenda.
I actually cried at one point. They showed the places where they killed so many Jews and where they actually took them to be incinerated. I know I have seen the camps before, but I have never seen the place where they were executed. I also never understood the connection between Darwinism and Hitler. This movie is must see and I encourage you to take your kids if they are older and they can sit through it. I could go on and on about the movie and how it has effected me, but I think you just need to go for yourself. Some of the comments made by the scientist will just utterly shock you.

Redbox Code  

Posted by Johnny

Tonight I am going to Scott's to rent my movie. I will be using the code blow. I am hoping it still works. I got this code the day. Remember if you have not yet rented a movie from Redbox you can use the code "dvdonme". If you have rented a movie from there before try and use this code today...

Revolution Money Exchange  

Posted by Johnny

I just signed up with Revolution Money Exchange. You may have already received an invitation from me. If not I am working on getting a link to their web-site. For some reason I can't get it to work, sometimes I am not so computer savvy. Anyway RME is very similar to Pay pal. It's an easy way to transfer funds from person to person when you sell things or buy things online. One of the great things is they do not charge you fees like Pay pal does. Also, if you sign up before May 15th you can get $25 just for signing up. Also, refer a friend to sign up and you will get $10 for them signing up. It is fast and easy. If you are already familiar with Pay pal then you know that they will ask for your bank info and other personal information. They are a bank so it is a secure site.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Free Flea and Tick Treatment  

Posted by Johnny

Bio Spot is offering Free spot on flea nad tick control for dogs. To get your free 3-Month suply sign up today.


Posted by Johnny

I just found out another way to save money at Meijer, so I thought I would share it. First go to the MealBox web-site. After creating an account and logging in click on the specials tab. After clicking on the specials you should see another tab, light gray, and if you click on that there are some coupons you can print. They are all Meijer brand products, but if they are running a sale on them then you can add the coupon on for additional savings! This is a great find!
Thanks to jliz at Hot Coupon World for the info.

Free Rice  

Posted by Johnny

No not free rice for you, but for someone that truly needs it. Last night I was watching the evening news, I don't do that often, when I heard about this great idea. Free Rice, which is the sites name, is a game and a donation site all in one. It pops up a word on the screen, like "scrutinize". Then it gives you four definitions to choose from such as, examine, demoralize, yip, and romp. Then click on the correct definition for that word. When you get it right they will donate 20 grains of rice through the Un food program to help feed the hungry. This is such agreat idea. If you home school you can use this a as vocabulary lesson. Or you can do it yourself and learn some new words.
I played and donated 2,000 grains, and it only took me a few minutes!

The Grocery Game  

Posted by Johnny

I just started using The Grocery Game and I am going to see how it goes. You can sign up for a trial membership for $1. If you don't like it you can cancel. If you do like it then you will pay $10 for eight weeks for one store and each additional store is $5. If you can save enough time & money then it would be worth it. I know I spend a lot of time trying to see what coupons I can use and what store to go to for the best deal. I think for $1 it's worth the try.


Posted by Johnny

Stop by Kroger's Website and design your bag then you will get one free. They load it on your card so the next time your in you will get one free. Mine wasn't anything fancy, but I have wanting to start a collection of these bags, and this will be a great start. They offer a freezer bag and it is included in the deal. That is the one I will be picking up.
I am simply getting these bag because I am so sick of plastic bags. I always forget to take them in to get recycled and they overflow in my pantry making me want to scream!
Wal-Mart will also be offering a FREE bag on April 19th, so I will be getting one from them also!


Posted by Johnny

Well, we off to another year of 4-H. Spencer is taking 3 projects this year and Morgan is down to 6.
Both of the kids are taking sewing this year which is new for us. I have sewn before, but I have not sewn anything in a few years, and no one looked at the seams to make sure I did it right! I have been meaning to teach Morgan to sew for years, and just never gotten around to it. Well, now she wants to learn. Morgan will be sewing a dress with a jacket. Spencer will be sewing a Civil War costume. He had a hard time finding something, due to the fact they don't have many patterns out there for boys. As we go through the sewing process I will be posting pictures for you to see our progress. If you sew please leave me some tips. I especially will need some on adjusting the patterns, as they are both too big for them.
We are also taking, Cake Decorating, Microwave Cooking, Foods, Cat Poster, Veterinary Science Crafts and Horseless Horse. I will try and post pictures from these as well.

Free Supplement  

Posted by Johnny

I just discovered you can get a free 14-day supply of a choice supplement from Nature Made. They have six to choose from. If you are not signed up with them go to their web-site and sign up. It's free and easy. You can also print a coupon for $5 off RX Essentials, and these are on sale for B1G1 free at Wal-Greens this week.

April 11th Wal-Greens Coupon  

Posted by Johnny

Wal-Greens just e-mailed me a link to a one day coupon and I thought I would share it with you. Just click on Wal-Greens and it will take you. This is a great $5 off a $20 purchase! This is great! I will be sitting down and figuring out a couple of scenarios to use this coupons, I just wish I would have known about this at the beginning of the week when I went there the first time. Well, enjoy!


Posted by Johnny

I thought I would share with you about my favorite to rent movies. Well, many of you know that I don't watch very many movies. That is for a few reasons. First, there is just not much out there to watch that is good for the whole family. Secondly, we don't usually have time to get a movie and watch it. Then there is the cost, the money to rent it, then we usually forget to return it.

Well, we discovered a new way to rent movies. REDBOX, Redbox is located just inside Scott's grocery store and it only cost $1 to rent a movie. You have until 9pm the next day to return it. If you are like us and keep it an extra day, then it is only another $1. Redbox has all the new releases just like Blockbuster or Family Video. The great news is if you've never tried it you can try it for free. Just use the code "DVDONME" the first time you use it and it will give you one free movie rental. Try it I am sure you will discover you'll like it.

As I get more codes I will share them here with you, so check back.


Posted by Johnny

This year John and I are coaching a softball team. What were we thinking? Well, we do love softball, but there is a lot involved with it. After several years of helping or assisting and walking away frustrated by politics of it all we thought we would try our had at it. John is doing a great job.
Opening day is April 19th, and of course we will be one of the teams to play that day. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come watch and cheer us on. We need all the cheerleaders we can get! A big thanks to LJCA for letting us use the facilities there. Weather has not been the best up until this week and that has given us a jump start to our season. I am hoping to post some pictures of the team (after getting permission from parents) soon. If parents have issues, then maybe you can just see John and I in our uniforms. I know your super excited right, and you will be checking everyday.

My Day Out Shopping  

Posted by Johnny

Sorry about the pictures. I uploaded them after typing up the savings from each store. Then I couldn't figure out how to move them or delete them. Well, I have learned my lesson.

Today I had to do a lot of shopping in a very short time frame. I only had two hours to stop at four places, and I also had a plan to meet someone while I was in town. So needless to say I needed to get in and out.

My first stop was at Meijer. (Not pictured) They had a couple things on sale that I had coupons for and at my Meijer they double up .50. I Picked up the following items:
Musselman's Apple Sauce 1.59 sale
2 Smucker's Jam 2/$4 Sale -2 Q's @ .25 doubled to $1
10 Campbell's Soup 10/$5 Sale -3 Q's @ .40 Double to $2.40
My Total Out Of Pocket was $7.19
I will be going back for more soup, because the soup works out to be .26 each. And that is a great deal!

The next stop was Menards. Yes Menards! (Not Pictured) Okay so I usually don't "Stop" at Menards unless I am doing some home improvements, however I made and exception. They had Pounce cat treats for .88 and I had four coupons for $1. How could I pass that up? Well, unfortunately they would only let me use one coupon. So I will be going back again to get more and do separate transactions for each, because I have three more coupons to use. when I went I got one Pounce and one can of Pringles .85. My total was .79.

Next stop CVS:
Second Picture First Transaction:
Six Zooth Toothbrushes 3 BOGO Coupons 3.29 Ea except one was 2.99?
Altoids Peppermints (to make my total higher to use an ECB) 1.99
Used $10 ECB My total out of pocket was $2.66.

Third Picture Second Transaction At CVS:
6 Sunsilk Products 3.49 Sale 3 BOGO Q's + 2 Q's @ 2.50 + 1@ 1.50
4 Excedrin Products 1.99 sale 4 $2 Q's
3 CVS Rapid Release 3.99 sale
2 Lypsyl (Free - Rain check from last months deal, they owe me 3 more)
1 Dove Body Wash 5.99 sale 1 Q @1 (needed to get to $15 for sale)
3 PC Spa Set Clearance for 3.75 (use for Christmas)
Okay I used 3 $5 ECB's and 1 $6 ECB
My Total Out of Pocket was $5.73.

I expected to do better, but didn't plan on getting the Spa Set. I just couldn't pass it up!
Okay then finally I hit Walgreen's, First Picture:
4 Reynold's Wrap 4/$3 sale with 7-day Q 1MQ .55 + 1MQ .75
2 Airwick Mini 2/$9.99 sale 2 $4 MQ's
2 Quaker Chewy Bars (One already opened not pictured) 2/$4 sale 1/$1 MQ
2 No Nonsense Hose BOGO Sale priced @ $3.99 1/$1 MQ
4 Aveeno lotion sale 2.39 2MQ for 1.50 off 2
6 Extra Spearmint Gum 4MQ BOGO, 3/$2 7-Day Q, Save .99 on 3 IVC
5 American Seed Packets 5/$1 (fillers)
I used 1 $8, 1$9, & 1 $3 RR
I actually ended up getting .33 back, due to the fact that the cashier actually forgot to take the Reynolds coupon off at first, so they gave me money for the difference.
I will be going back for more Gum, but you can only get 6 at a time so that means I will probably be getting more seeds too!
Well, I had a total OOP for the day of: $16.04
Are there any sales I need to know about??? What did you get this week?


Posted by Johnny

Four weeks ago at church we started going through the series by Max Lucado entitled 3:16 The Numbers of Hope. The sermons have seemed to really have an impact on the church. As the Holy Spirit has already, I am sure, been working in peoples lives trying to draw them closer to him, these sermons have closed the door. I witnessed two baptisms just this morning. Wow, that is such a great feeling to see people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and then to be baptized to forgive them of their sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit! The sermons have been as follows:

#1 3:16

#2 He Loves

#3 He Gave

#4 We Believe

Along with these sermons we have been given some small books to read. I have to admit I did not read the first one, but have been going through the second one which is just a forty day devotion book entitled, God So Loved You. I should be done with this by the time we are done with the sermons. I think then I will give it away, for it to bless someone else. For information on

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather and are cherishing God's Blessings!

New To Blogging...  

Posted by Johnny

Wow, I did it I finally started a Blog!

For those of you reading this and don't know who I am, my name is Johnny. Not to be confused with my husband John. I know some people just get a kick out of that, however, I really think it is no big deal. Maybe because I have lived with this name for 36 years and have finally accepted the fact that I supposedly have an unusual name. Well, maybe I'll discuss that more in depth at a later date? Anyway, I am a Christian mother of two teenagers, and if that wasn't enough I home school them as well. I know some of my readers home school and have more children and my hat is off to you, however, I really am glad GOD only allowed me to have two.
As far as more information on myself, I was diagnosed with fibromyalsia 4 years ago and struggle with that on a daily basis. I also have struggled with clinical depression for 18 years. I tell you this, just so you will get some insight into my world and understand as you read where I am coming from. I also have a very dry sense of humor and sometimes feel my humor is a disease. I do not write for a living, and sometimes may not have the best of grammar, however, I want to keep it real and down to earth!
I am calling my Blog "Room For Improvement", because I have a lot of room for improvement. Actually a whole "HOUSE"! Please give your comments liberally! I am new to blogging and the Bloggy World so please be nice to me.
I have been reading other peoples Blogs and they have inspired me and I may use from time to time their ideas, however, I will try to keep this original. I will continue to post about myself and my family for the first week or so just so you get to know me. Please check back often to see the progress of my blog and to add your input.

My Favorites